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Trader Joe’s Hiring in Portland for New Store #519

Trader Joe’s has made it official, as they have announced that they are hiring for their first Portland, Maine store which has plans to open by year end. Store #519, as it’s referred to on, will be located at 87 Marginal Way, Portland, the former site of Wild Oats. Great news as well for the folks in Portland who worked to file a petition to entice the company come to Maine, and the Facebook Group Bring Trader Joe’s to Portland, Maine!!!, which has grown to over 4,100 members as of this post.

Those interested in working at Trader Joe’s should visit Trader Joe’s Careers – Job openings, as well as apply in person at the Hiring Trailer in the parking lot, according to their website.

Please remember to thank Whole Foods and the Federal Trade Commission for the entrance of Trader Joe’s into the Portland Maine Marketplace….

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Trader Joe’s closer to coming to Portland

Though Trader Joe’s website does not note a Portland, Maine store opening soon, City of Portland documents disclose that Trader Joe’s has recently obtained a permit to make interior and exterior improvements of more than $600,000 to the property Trader Joe’s purchased on Marginal Way in Portland, formerly occupied by Wild Oats.

More details to follow, but for now, you’ll have to pick up your “Two Buck Chuck” on your trip to and from North Shore Massachusetts….

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Trader Joe’s Coming to Portland!

According to a report today in The Forecaster, Trader Joe’s plans to open a location on Marginal Way in Portland, at the former location of Wild Oats, at 87 Marginal Way. Sounds like many Portlanders will be very excited by the news, and will soon have another affordable grocery option in town. You may recall that at least two Facebook fan pages dedicated to bringing Trader Joe’s to Portland popped up recently and have well over 2,000 supporters each. Well, it looks like you won’t have to drive very far now to stock up on “Two Buck Chuck”. Enjoy!

For more information on Trader Joe’s, please visit their Website

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