Looking to relax, relieve some stress, and get away for a bit to clear your mind? I recently had the opportunity to duck away from the office and experience all of the hype at Float Harder¬†at 500 Washington Avenue, right here in Portland, Maine. Let’s say you have a busy schedule and not a lot of time.. Making a reservation was so simple…right from the office computer I was able to review the availability schedule and book a 90 minute “float” visit.

Once there, the friendly staff was very inviting and did a wonderful job registering and welcoming me to their very clean and calming environment. After a brief tutorial (there is a video on their website to show you what to expect and answer questions you may have), a staff member gave me a guided tour of the facility to make sure I was most comfortable and understood the process for my relaxation getaway.

The private float rooms are beautiful with the floating pod (pictured left), a small bench, and a shower. All you need is to show up and be prepared to relax and ease your mind. The staff has you pick a light color for your pod and a sound/music to listen to if you wish. After a quick shower, you enter the individual pod, and can turn off the sound and/or light if you wish to slip away into full relaxation and allow the epsom salt bath solution to float you in true bliss. Closing the pod cover completely and focusing on breathing enabled me to meditate, clear my mind in complete darkness.

If you’re in need a break, would like to lower your stress levels, and could use a local getaway to clear your mind for 90 minutes, then Float Harder is an incredible and inexpensive option. I’m sure once you have made a visit, you’ll be a returning customer. Enjoy!

For more information or to book a visit, please check out their website http://www.floatharder.com/


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