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Portland Maine Summer Kickoff Weekend & Old Port Fest – June 9-11

Old Port Festival

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The thermometer is beginning to rise and Portland, Maine is ready to welcome in summer with the Summer Kickoff Weekend beginning on Friday, June 9th and leading up the 44th Annual Old Port Festival on Sunday, June 11 from 11am-5pm.

The weekend will start with the Square Hop & Window Walk from 6-8pm with continuous entertainment in four locations; Longfellow Square, Congress Square Park, Monument Square, and Post Office Park. You’ll be entertained with music, balancing acts & stunts, we understand.

On Saturday, you can Walk the Working Waterfront from 11am-3pm and according to this will be “a unique opportunity to explore Portland’s marine economy. Dozens of businesses will be open up and down the wharves & piers lining Commercial Street. Come down to amble, to sample seafood snacks, to climb aboard a boat — or just to enjoy the atmosphere.”

Wrap up the Summer Kickoff Weekend on Sunday at the family-friendly Old Port Festival featuring music, art, food, and entertainment for all ages. For more information on the schedules at the various stages throughout downtown visit Old Port Festival Schedule 2017.

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Old Port Fest expands to 3 days.

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courtesy of

The ever popular Old Port fest that usually is held on a Sunday, is now expanding to a full weekend! The festival this year will span from June 6- June 8.  The event has grown every year and recently has been drawing close to 30,000 people in the last few years, and has called for an expansion.  The same events that happen on that Sunday will still happen as they have in year’s past.  The event now becomes more of a destination rather than a one day event.

After the official announcement today the general reception of the Portland arts scene is very positive as it gives them more of an opportunity to showcase their work.  The first Friday Art Walk that happens every month in Portland will actually be the first day of this three day event this year.  Congress street will close on June 6 during the walk to create more of a festival atmosphere.  Details on the festival activities on Saturday aren’t final yet but will be released soon.

Sunday’s festivities will start as they always do with a parade down Exchange St and will follow with the plethora of live music and food vendors.  This year the music stages will increase from five stages to six.

This is great news for everyone in Portland who enjoys this great event and also for those vendors who look to make more of an impact and showcase the great arts scene in Portland.

We will update you here at I Love Portland Maine as new details emerge on this year’s Old Port Festival.  

For more information on the Old Port Fest CLICK HERE 

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Chris Avantaggio- You don’t have to be from Maine for it to leave it’s mark on you with “LiveMe.”

LiveMe founder Chris Avantaggio

LiveMe founder Chris Avantaggio


Chris Avantaggio is soft-spoken yet energetic 29 year old  “Mainer” that founded a company in 2009 called LiveMe.  The idea started at the Maine Brewer’s festival with his friends as a way to stand out in the crowd and help them find each other easier.  The blaze orange shirt he and his friends made simply read, “BeerME.”  The “ME” of course standing for our great state of Maine.  Fast forward to 2014.  Chris Avantaggio runs the day to day at the increasingly popular apparel and accessory company called LiveME.  The brand plays on the Maine abbreviation on a great array of products.  Shirts and products range from their popular “BeerME” and “LoveME” shirts to other products that read “LiveME”, “SkiME”, and “RunME.”  A personal favorite of mine was the “HuntMe” line of products- a tribute to Maine’s hunting community that was released back in the fall during hunting season.  Products include shirts, hats, hoodies, frisbees, koozies, beer glasses mason jars, and even shopping totes.

Now probably 99% of people who initially meet Chris (myself included), first think how does this guy have the time to run such a great company, and feature so many amazing products?  Then my jaw drops a little bit more when he also let’s me know that LiveME isn’t even his full time gig.  He still refers to it as a “passion project.”  His full time gig is in advertising and where he’s an associate creative director at the VIA Agency in Portland.  Now this is the part where my jaw drops to the floor.  He then tells me he is a father of two small children.  I can relate to how much time and effort and passion it takes to run your own clothing company as Chris and I both share this in common.  The fact that he does this all in stride is  beyond impressive.  In this current culture where people find every excuse to work as little as possible and often complain about being “too busy”, Chris is a breathe of fresh air.  Every time I leave a meeting with Chris I find myself asking “Am I doing enough, could I be doing more?”  It’s no secret that this man of many hats is successful for one reason: his work ethic.  Things do not happen by chance.

When you ride down the highway and see a “LiveMe” sticker on someone’s bumper, or see an amazing touch at wedding like a mason jar with the words “LoveMe” laying over our great state of Maine you have to understand what it takes to get these ideas out to so many:  Hard work, plain and simple.  I believe there is no place better to start a business than Maine because of the pride this state exhibits.  What Chris does is brilliant because it allows each “Mainer” to find something they love, and brand themselves as such.  In the past few years it hasn’t just been Maine that has taken notice.  People from all over the country have ordered his products, and there is no sign of slowing down.  I recently sat down with Chris to really dig into what he does.

For people who aren’t familiar with LiveMe, what is it exactly?

Chris:  LiveMe is a Maine Lifestyle brand that celebrates the state and the many things we love about it.

When did you realize that LiveMe was something you wanted to do, what year?

Chris: It didn’t exactly begin with a business plan, it was more like a ritual that later became an opportunity. Every year my buddies and I would attend the Maine Brewers festival and we’d wear something blaze orange to stand out in the crowd so we could all find each other.  In the fall of 2009 I decided to put a t-shirt design together for all of us to wear at the event, the graphic was the outline of the state of Maine with the words BeerME through it.  The shirts drew a lot of attention at the event and when I saw a friend literally sell the one he was wearing off his back, I thought I might be on to something.

Photo Credit: Lee Cullivan



LiveMe seems to be everywhere now.  Every time I personally turn my head I see some of your products being word or displayed.  In your opinion, why has the brand seemed to catch on so well in and out of Maine?

Chris:  I think Mainers have a lot of pride for where they live ( or if they’re living in exile) where they’re from.  LiveMe gives them an opportunity to show that off, but also display something different they are passionate about.  I owe a lot to my family, friends and co-workers for helping me get the brand off the ground.  Social media has also been instrumental in helping move the brand beyond Maine.fb_cover

I’ve had many people ask about your brand that live out of state that are from Maine.  Would you agree that it makes people feel or have a sense of “home” if they are living away?

Chris:  It’ pretty amazing to see the places the shirts and stickers have traveled to so far.  Home state pride is certainly the main reason for the brand’s success.  But the remarkable thing about Maine is you don’t have to be from Maine for it to leave it’s mark on you- it’s just one of those states you never forget.  I think LiveMe helps celebrate that.

Can you talk about some of your favorite collaborations so far, and charity events that have meant a lot to you.  How important is it for you to be based out of Portland, where it seems everyone wants to help each other out?

Chris:  Portland, Maine has been an amazing place to start a business.  We basically started by word of mouth and became engaged in the local community through events like Portland Greendrinks.  Others would include the Old Port Festival and other local businesses.  People love to support local business in Portland and I think that is one of the reasons for the brand’s momentum.

Each year we donate merchandise to local non-profits like Big Brother and Big Sister, Portland Farmers Market, and Portland WinterKids for fundraising efforts around Maine.  We also have done some collaborations for charity.  Last spring we designed a “BabyMe” shirt to help support fundraising for the March of Dimes and Maine Medical Center NICU.  This fall we launched the “FeedMe” t-shirt and grocery tote to help support the Good Shepherd Food Bank in their fight against Maine hunger.  These are two collaborations that really mean a lot to us.


What are your future plans for the brand, and where do you see it in 5 years? 

Chris:  In five years I hope the brand is still doing what it’s doing now- spreading the Maine stoke!  This started as a passion project and continues to be one for me and the family and friends that help me operate it.  I think I’m most looking forward to conquering parenthood with my wife Liz.  We have two little dudes in diapers now and it’s awesome watching them grow!



How do people find the brand?

Chris:  You can shop with us directly at  For a limited time, readers can enter ILOVEPORTLAND for 10% off your entire purchase.  You can also connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter.  If you’re visually inclined we are also on instagram @livemaine.

Around Portland you can find us at Old Port Card Works, Maine Surfers Union, and Newbury Comics!


As a peer, Chris is an inspiration to me.  You can tell how he speaks about his two sons- Cole, who is 21 months, and Rex who is 3 months that his true “passion project” is his family.  Chris Avantaggio is humble in his approach and has hit a home run at capturing what it means to be from Maine.  Most importantly, he shows my generation that work is never done, and family will always come first.


Hope you all have a great weekend and go support Chris and LiveMe!

Kyle Poissonnier

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Celebrate Summer at the Old Port Festival – June 10th

Come celebrate the beginning of summer with the 39th annual Old Port Festival on June 10th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.!

The celebration will include multiple musical acts, local arts and crafts, kids’ activities, local foods, and more! There is plenty for everyone to do, so enjoy!

Activities kick off with down Exchange Street led by The Shoestring Orchestra!

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38th Annual Old Port Festival – Sunday, June 12 – Events Schedule

Portland’s 38th Annual Old Port Festival on Sunday, June 12, 2011, will once again have something for everyone to celebrate the beginning of summer in Downtown Portland. A parade down Exchange Street at 11am will kick off the Old Port Festival and then the rest of the afternoon is yours to enjoy great food from local vendors along Fore Street, shop the cool crafts and art of local artists and craftspeople on Market street, and take in some great live music entertainment amongst SIX stages throughout Portland’s Downtown.
There will be events for children as well at Post Office Park, and we understand there will be a trapeze swing, 25 rock climbing wall, and bungee trampoline in the area.
Thanks to for their comprehensive schedule of events lists below;
Kids Entertainment
12:00 – Medieval music, fencing and fighting demonstration by the Society for Creative Anachronism
1:00 – Enjoy the art of movement and storytelling through music with the Nevaeh Dance Company
2:00 – Hip Hop & Jazz performances by Pulse Dance Company, Studio for the Living Arts
3:00 – Dance to the rhythms of steel band music with Island Beats
4:00 – Vivid Motion! Enjoy the fun and eclectic choreography of Portland’s “innovative and kinda quirky” dance company
Music Schedules by Stage and Sponsor
Q97.9 located at Middle and Temple Streets – Q97.9 DJ’s and DJ Verbatim will entertain throughout the day.
Their live entertainment will include – iSquare, Tino Coury, The Downtown Fiction, Wr The Kings, Hot Chelle Rae, and All Star Weekend
WCLZ – located at Fore and Sliver Streets
Noon – The Lucid, 1pm – Zach Jones, 2pm – Marie Moreshead, 3pm – Pete Kilpatrick Band, 4pm – The Alternate Routes
Coast 93.1 – located at Middle and Pearl Streets
Noon – Coast Morning Host Jon Armond, 12:45 -Matt Hires, 1:45 – Ryan Star, 2:45 – Andy Grammer, 3:45 – The Daylights
WPOR – located at Fore and Union Streets
Noon – The Eric Grant Band, 1:15 – Average Jones recording artist Matt Stillwell, 2:40 – Average Jones recording artists Ira Dean (formerly of Trick Pony), 4:00 – Capstone Music Group recording artist Glen Templeton
Maine Academy of Modern Music
12:00-12:15  Parenthesys (Metal), 12:15-12:30  Disgruntled Citizens (Indie Rock), 12:30-12:50  The KGT (Indie Rock), 12:50-1:10  Static (Alternative Rock), 1:10-1:30  Chrome (Hard Rock), 1:30-1:50  Average Suburban Housecats (Classic Alternafolkrock), 1:50-2:00  MAMM FACULTY SPOTLIGHT: Chas Lester (Beatboxer), 2:00-2:30  The OxyMorons  (Alternative Rock), 2:30-3:00  Shift  (Classic Rock), 3:00-3:30  The Twisted Truth  (Power Pop), 3:30-4:00  Beware of Pedestrians  (Pop Punk), 4:00-4:30  Dusty Grooves  (Rock/Jazz Fusion), 4:30-5:00  MAMM SLAM WINNERS: The Modest Proposal (Best High School Rock Band in Maine)

Bull Feeney’s Irish Music – Noon – Maine Public Safety Pipe and Drum Corps, 12:30 – The Milliners, 1:30 – The Napper Tandies, 2:30 – The Squid Jiggers, 3:30 – Maine Public Safety Pipe and Drum Corps, 4:00 – The Pubcrawlers
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Old Port Festival – Downtown Portland – June 7, 2009


Sunday, June 7th, marks the 36th Annual Old Port Festival in Portland, Maine
, and what a way to celebrate and welcome Summer to Portland than music, art, entertainment, and more. Something for all ages and a wonderful time rain or shine. The City of Portland in conjunction with many area businesses, have coordinated a number of sites and stages for different local and national musical acts to entertain the crowd, while they check out crafts from local artists and shop the wonderful stores of The Old Port. The streets will surely be filled from Congress St. to Commercial Street, between Temple/Union St. and Pearl St. for another awesome festival. There will be plenty of food and outdoor activities for all to enjoy!

Thriving Ivory, Elliot Yamin (finalist on previous American Idol), Dar Williams, Pete Kilpatrick, and Kelly Parker are just some of the many entertainers to perform across a number of different stages. There are performances and events for kids too. Here is a Google Map with clickable links to give you an idea of the schedule of events at each area and stage of the 36th Annual Old Port Festival :

Don’t miss out. Sunday, June 7th, from 11am – 5pm Downtown Portland, and the crowds will surely spill over into the restaurants and bars for further entertainment well into the evening. Enjoy and be safe!

Certainly thank your generous sponsors for this wonderful event as well like; The City of Portland, WJBQ Q97.9, WPOR 101.9, WCLZ 98.9, Sebago Brewing Company, Raising, Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, Maine State Lottery, Fox23,, The Portland Phoenix, Maine Academy of Modern Music, Bull Feeney’s, MPBN, and Bull Moose Music. Thank You!

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