The Men Behind The Maine Warrior Gym

Maine Warrior Gym

Maine Warrior Gym

I recently sat down with one of the founders of the soon to open Maine Warrior Gym.  The thing was before I ever met Brandon I had heard buzz about this gym and how different and unique it was.  That told me the guys had been doing something right.  I sat down more of a fan and wanting to know more as I wanted to know exactly what the gym was going to feature and how it would be different than the rock gyms, crossfit, and traditional style gyms in this area of Southern Maine.  With the growing popularity of “Tough Mudder” style obstacle courses and “Spartan Races” it seems like the demand is there.  Last year alone Tough Mudder reached into the high 70 millions for net worth with Spartan Races not far behind.  Last year Westbrook hosted a “Tough Mudder” that brought in over 10,000 people from all over New England giving the local businesses an extra boost in Westbrook and Portland area.  It’s obvious there is a big want for these type of buddy-style group driven athletic courses.  My interview with Brandon was insightful, fun, and I left it feeling that they are well on their way to giving people what they want with this gym! 



Preview of courses

1.  What gave you the inspiration to want to open this gym?

It’s clear that people are seeking alternative forms of exercise – ourselves included – that offer a way to get more enjoyment and fulfillment from working out. We are both huge fans of American Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Races, and unconventional approaches to exercise and we felt Portland was the perfect market to create a space that offered this unique approach to fitness.

2.  Where did you go up?  Were you into sports?.. or did this come about from a single experience?

Brandon: I was born and raised in Rockville Centre, NY and have always been interested in sports and exercise. After graduating from the University of Michigan I spent two years as a ski instructor in Breckenridge, Colorado before moving to Maine in 2010.

Tim: I’m a native Mainer, raised studying martial arts starting at age 11.  I got my second degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo at age 17, and while studying engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, continued to study and teach Brazilian Capoeira, and Praying Mantis Kung Fu before having twin boys and returning to Maine in 2013.  

3.  As of late with shows like American Ninja Warrior, Crossfit gyms, and lots of tough mudder style obstacle course races the question has to be asked: What is it about this type of fitness is making people want to participate and gain so much popularity?  

This style of fitness accomplishes two major goals. It not only allows for a great workout that breaks from the monotony of a typical gym experience, but also involves team camaraderie and support which can really help to make exercising more enjoyable. Running up a curved wall or swinging on a rope is a lot more exciting than simply running on a treadmill.

People like to be challenged, stepping out of your comfort zone really forces you to be present – to focus on the task at hand – and that’s so much healthier than just cardio or weightlifting.  Healthier for the body, to get out of its standard range of motions, and healthier for the mind to overcome mental obstacles and see new possibilities arise.  It’s the best way to improve your level of self-awareness, self-confidence and shift your entire understanding of your physical capabilities.

4.  Will the gym feature only obstacle style courses, or will it have free weights, classes etc?

The gym will feature an obstacle style course that will be scalable, so people of all ages and ability levels can participate, as well as adaptable, so that the offerings will always be changing and allow for different approaches to completing the course. We will also have an area complete with free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls and boxing equipment such as a heavy bag and speed bag. Additionally, there will be a classroom area offering classes ranging from martial arts to yoga.

5.  What will your rates be?  Hours?

We will offer approximately 25 hours per week of monitored open gym times, and will also have a multitude of daily classes.

6.  When can people expect to see the doors open?

We would love to have the doors open by the end of spring/early summer 2015.  We’re offering discounted early-bird memberships for a limited time in order to build our membership base and gain traction locally.  We’ll also be starting production on a variety of obstacle components that will be available for purchase at for use at home.

7.  Do you feel like people will travel far to come to your gym?  Do you think it will not just people during the week have memberships?  Like can it be a destination for those in New England?

We want to offer an experience that is not available anywhere else in New England and hopefully this will attract visitors beyond the state of Maine. In addition to our monthly memberships, we will also offer day passes as well as 10-class punch cards that can be used at any visit throughout the year. We will be hosting a variety of obstacle race competitions and the gym will also have programs to host birthday parties, corporate outings and boot camps. We want the gym to serve as a place where families can come to work out together, where elite athletes can come train for their next competition and where obstacle course enthusiasts can prepare for their next race or even their first race.

Ground view

8.  What type of obstacles or equipment will you have?

– Our equipment list will be in a constant state of growth and transition.  New obstacles will be designed and built throughout the year to be cycled into use.  The obstacles will also be modular which will allow the obstacle course to be completely re-arranged possibly several times a month.

For starters our equipment will consist of many items seen on American Ninja Warrior, such as:  Cargo net, climbing ropes, warped wall, incline/declined monkey bars, standing walls, tires, balance beams, slack lines, rings, ball-holds, ledge walls, peg boards, salmon ladders, pull up bars and more.

Our toddler motor-skills development area, for kids ages 1-5, will have a small climbing wall, large various shaped pads, trampolines, balance toys and other equipment intended to help young children improve their coordination and self-control.

9.  How can people support you, how can they find you on social media?

We have begun to sell memberships and punch passes and we frequently have sales where you can purchase a membership for a greatly discounted price. The best way to find out about sales and information on our progress is through our facebook, Google+ and twitter pages. You can also visit our website at We are very excited to open our doors and we look forward to bringing a new dimension to the Maine fitness community.


On top of all that, my company Katalyst will be releasing Maine Warrior Gym shirts in a few weeks that will support the efforts with 100% profit going to help get the gym open sooner and also give people who buy a shirt 25% off a one month membership for or a 10 visit punch card!

We will let you know when those are available!

Follow the journey of Maine Warrior Gym on Facebook and Tim and Brandon look forward to seeing you when they open!



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Winterfest Weekend 2015 begins January 23!

Courtesy of Portland Downtown District

Courtesy of Portland Downtown District

Winterfest weekend begins on January 23rd in Downtown Portland.  On Friday there are many FREE family friendly outdoor winter activities and then again on Saturday!  A Winterfest scavenger hunt will also take place throughout the weekend with a chance to win many great prizes!


Come out and enjoy the best family fun in Portland this winter this upcoming weekend!  



Some featured events-

WinterFest Rail Gym

WinterFest 2015 Snow Sculptures

Portland Pirates Hockey Shot

Winterfest Scavenger Hunt

Full List of Sponsored Events Link/Information

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Check out Dutch’s in Portland!



With a city that is known for it’s great food scene it can be intimating for a new restaurant to open.  Dutch’s opened quietly back in November and since then has been getting rave reviews ever since.  Nestled in between Arcadia and Slab on Preble street Dutch’s is a made from scratch breakfast and lunch style restaurant.

Ian Dutch is a Belfast native with over 20 years of cooking experience in Boston, San Francisco and Nantucket and attended The Culinary Institute of America.  The couple have even been personal chefs for a family in Nantucket.  With 30 years combined experience the couple invite you in to their new restaurant to try comfort food like you have never seen.  Stop in and try some cheesy grits or warm peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches for Breakfast.  Try a Fancy Tuna Melt or an their take on an old fashioned grilled cheese!  Enjoy, and show them some Portland support!









Click here to see full menu and website



Check out Dutch’s at 28 Preble St in Portland!  

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Portland Wedding Show Tomorrow! 1/10/15 & 1/11/15

Courtesy of FestivalHill.Org

Courtesy of FestivalHill.Org


Recently engaged?  Planning a wedding?  Head over to the Holiday Inn by the Bay tomorrow!  Times for tomorrow are 5pm-8pm, and Sunday January 11th from 11am-3Pm!

Wedding vendors from across Maine will be attending and ready to give you plenty of great options to help you pick out your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, wedding cakes and more. There will also be plenty of wedding vendors for the groom, best man and grooms men as well.

As an added incentive the main sponsor Springers Jewelers, is also giving every attendee a $100 Discount Card towards wedding bands as well as chance to win a $3,000 wedding package to one lucky couple!




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Guster returns to State Theatre! 5/2/15

Guster's "Evermotion"



Tickets for Guster’s return to the State Theatre go on sale Friday January 9th!  As an added bonus each ticket comes with a download of their new album “Evermotion” available on 1/13!  Charge by phone at 800-745-3000, in person at Cross Insurance Arena, or online at



Don’t miss an opportunity to see a favorite in Portand over the years and also get their new cd with your ticket!



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Keep The Soul of Portland in The Portland Company: Support Thoughtful Development – Thursday, January 8



On Thursday, January 8, 2015, at 7pm, a group “Keep the Soul of Portland in the Portland Company” is arranging a meeting with City of Portland Planners to discuss and review the proposed Portland Company Development, on the Portland Company Complex 10 acre waterfront site. The meeting will be held at the East End Community School in the cafeteria on 195 North Street in Portland.

City Planners Alex Jaegerman and Christine Grimando will present the proposal and be available for questions, answers, and discussion. Later in January, the developer will go before the Planning Board for a third workshop regarding their interest in a proposed zoning change.

Keep the Soul of Portland in the Portland Company is encouraging the developer to incorporate into the process and into the product the best of the authentic Portland, Maine that we know and love. They’re asking for and believe it’s most appropriate for the proposed development to go through review process as a contract zone under the existing Waterfront Special Use Zone, rather than the developers request to rezone the property to B-6 with a small component of Eastern Waterfront Port Zone.

Keep the Soul has spread literature throughout the community delivering their message for thoughtful development and encourage the following;

  • Disclosure of the intended development to the public before action is taken on any zone change request.
  • Regulation of heights and massing of new construction in a manner designed to allow reasonable development, but also preserve the neighborhood’s harbor views.
  • Preservation of significant public vistas to and from the water, and continue well-designed physical access to the water through a welcoming public trail system.
  • Celebration of the sites important past and preservation of significant historic structures through their adaptive reuse.
  • If residential use is to be allowed, promotion of lively, year-round occupancy reflective of the diversity of the citizens of Portland, Maine.
  • Preservation of the waterfront for water-dependent uses, provision of meaningful access and upland uses structured so they support waterfront infrastructure.

For more information, or if you wish to learn more and are unable to attend this informative meeting, feel free to connect via email with the group at

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Our vote for best pizza of 2014: SLAB

Courtesy of I Love Portland ME

Courtesy of I Love Portland ME


We figured just incase you haven’t heard of what Slab is offering yet since it’s opening this past early Summer, we got you covered.  Portlanders will always debate who has the best pizza in town.  Our vote goes to SLAB.  In it’s very first year alone SLAB has already achieved a great following and attracted national attention.  Of course there’s the original hand slab, but it’s menu goes far beyond that.  For your first time there, you know what to do:  Hand Slab and some of the best local beer around.  After that go nuts.  The menu ranges from Italian styles sandwiches, meat and cheese plates, and probably the best puff pastry desert you will ever try.  Our recommendations would be a Hand Slab, Meatloaf meatball, Puff pastry (Girelle) and finish it off with any local brew. 

Check out for full menu and check them out on Facebook.


With so much great food and pizza going on in Portland these days it was hard but SLAB for us here at ILPM takes 1st place! So if you’re in the mood for mouth watering Pizza and Sicilian style street food, head down and check them out at 25 Preble St in Portland!



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Tags: , , , , ,’s New Years Eve Portland Maine Dinner Plans 2015

Thanks to our friends at for their annual New Years Eve Portland Dinner plan list noting the many Portland Maine area restaurants hosting special NYE events. Feel free to check back on their site as they may update their list with other establishments as plans get finalized. You’ll likely want to call ahead and make a reservation, if allowed, as these will all be well-attended. Enjoy and Happy New Years Portland, Maine!

      • Artemisia Cafe, 4-course dinner for $65 per person
      • Bao Bao Dumpling House is holding a Chinese street food party starting at 10pm, “$28 buys you a glass a bubbles and passed bites all night”.
      • BiBo’s Madd Apple Cafe, 3-course dinner, $50 per person.
      • Boone’s, 5-course dinner, $85/$110 per person
      • Central Provisions is throwing a party. The $100 tickets comes with a “welcome punch, passed hors d’oeuvres, 2 drink tickets and a midnight toast
      • Ebb & Flow is serving their regular menu “plus lots of specials” and will be “giving out free bubbles to everyone to ring in 2015″.
      • Eventide, will be throwing a party, $50 per person
      • Five Fifty-Five, 5-course dinner in the restaurant for $100 per person with optional wine pairings and truffle, caviar, and oyster supplements. Five Fifty-Five is also planning a champagne and caviar lounge in their private dinning room for $50 per person.
      • Grace will be serving their regular dinner menu. A cover charge of $20 (which funds the Good Shepherd Food Bank) will get you into the late night party which comes with complementary champagne toast.
      • MJ’s Wine Bar “will be offering 9 different sparkling wines by the glass this year. All at either $6 or $10 a glass”.
      • Petite Jacqueline, 3-course dinner for $70 per person, there are also optional truffle, caviar, oyster and foie gras supplements.
      • Piccolo, 8-course tasting menu with a glass of prosecco, $110 per person
      • Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea, 4-course menu, $85 per person with optional wine pairing for $30
      • The Frog & Turtle, 4-course dinner $65 per person
      • Vinland, 5-course/5-snack tasting menu, $90 per person
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New Year’s Eve 2015 in Portland!

Each year here at ILPM we try and highlight some of our favorite New Year’s events!  It’s becoming harder and harder each year to talk about/cover all of them in a city that does so much for one night!  Here are a few of our favorites for the big night as we say goodbye to 2014!



-Grace New Year’s Eve Bash

Location:  Grace Restaurant, 15 Chestnut Street, Portland.

Time:  9pm


This is the 6th New Year’s Eve Bash Grace as had!  This year they are changing it up a bit to provide the best possible party!  This will be a ticket only event, so you can avoid the lines!  You will be greeted with a champagne toast upon arrival, dance the night away with a fantastic DJ and ring in the new year with us and 250 new friends.  Again, this will be a ticket only event with proceeds of the ticket sales going to support the important work of Good Shepard Food Bank!








Children’s Museum New Year’s at Noon and New Year’s at 2. 

Location:  Maine Children’s Museum, 142 Free St, Portland.

Time:  10AM-12PM

This is family friendly version of a New Year’s Eve Celebration!  The Museum will host their annual New Year’s Party for kids.  New Year’s at Noon (starting little early this year) will feature lots of fun for the little ones, along with 500 balloons!  The New Year’s PJ Party is free with Admission.

From 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM…

If you want to celebrate New Year’s in a quieter fashion with “hat-making and merriment”.  The event is free with Admission. Please note…

For more information visit: 














Midnight Masquerade- Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks

Location- Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks, Grand Ballroom, 200 Sable Oaks Drive, South Portland.

Time:  Events starting at 6:30pm.

Celebrate the traditions of carnival and Mardi Gras as DJ Brian Zutter and The Bob Charest Band keep you moving all night.  From 6:30-7:30pm enjoy cocktail hour, 7:30-9pm enjoy dinner at the hotel, 9pm-1am enjoy ringing in the new year!  There are multiple ticket options available for this event, and even a ticket option that gets you a special discounted rate for the hotel for the evening!

For Reservations and more Information, call the Marriott Hotline at 207-347-6874, E-mail
call The Bob Charest Band at 207-797-3848, E-mail


4th Annual All Access Party Pass




If dancing and moving location to location on New Year’s Eve is your thing then this is the pass for you.

The All Access Party Pass-Downtown puts the hottest spots in the coolest areas of the city all onto one itinerary for New Year’s Eve 2014! Gain entry to the most sought after downtown hot spots, each with NYE perks and amenities including:

-Complimentary General Admission to multiple events. Feel free to party hop all night long so go to one or go to all…the choice is yours!

-Live performances by super hot DJs spinning hip hop, dance, rock, Top 40’s and 80’s

-Festive New Year’s Eve party favors

Gain Access to any of the following bars:

51 Wharf Nightclub
Bonfire Country Bar
Fore Play Sports Pub
Red Bull VIP Party

$35.00 All Access General Admission
$70.00 All Access VIP Line Skip

Purchase Tickets-



WCYY New Year’s Eve Bash- Soulive and Rustic Overtones at The State Theatre.

Location-  State Theatre, 609 Congress St, Portland Maine

Time:  Doors:  8pm.  Show: 9pm

If live music is your thing on New Year’s Eve this is the best of the best.  Head into the historic State Theatre to see Maine’s own Rustic Overtones opening for Soulive to ring in the New Year!

Buy Tickets online at or in person at the Cumberland Country Box Office or charge by phone at 800-745-3000 .








Here is 5 different kind of events, but we want to hear what you are planning!  Have an event that you’re attending or want us to highlight?  Let us know. Email us or comment on facebook!


Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

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Get Air Portland – Trampoline Park set to Open Friday, October 10

Get Air Portland, a trampoline park offering another indoor activity for young and old in Portland, Maine, is set to open Friday, October 10, at their 25,000 square foot warehouse space located at 921 Riverside Street, Portland.

Get Air Trampoline Park - Portland, Maine

Get Air Trampoline Park – Portland, Maine

The concept has caught on well in other locations around the country, with the warehouse set up with both trampoline dodgeball and basketball areas, along with wall to wall trampolines with various obstacles and such for children to play or their parents to be young at heart.

Guests sign a waiver and begin the fun of bouncing around right away. Get Air Portland will offer birthday party reservations and standard party bookings with the ability to add food to the event.

Definitely something different to do in Portland, and we also hear it’s a heck of a calorie burning exercise!


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