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The Dirty Dash is coming to Maine!- June 20, 2015

Dirty Dash Mud Run


“The Dirty Dash is a mud run obstacle course where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old’s fantasy and subsequently converts boy to man and then man to swine.”– TheDirtyDash.Com











Just announced on their website the Dirty Dash is bringing it’s fun to Portland!  Pre-Registration has started now which means by entering your information you get exclusive pricing and immediate access to registration when this event goes on sale to the public!

For more information on the event and to see the obstacles check out!


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Get Air Portland – Trampoline Park set to Open Friday, October 10

Get Air Portland, a trampoline park offering another indoor activity for young and old in Portland, Maine, is set to open Friday, October 10, at their 25,000 square foot warehouse space located at 921 Riverside Street, Portland.

Get Air Trampoline Park - Portland, Maine

Get Air Trampoline Park – Portland, Maine

The concept has caught on well in other locations around the country, with the warehouse set up with both trampoline dodgeball and basketball areas, along with wall to wall trampolines with various obstacles and such for children to play or their parents to be young at heart.

Guests sign a waiver and begin the fun of bouncing around right away. Get Air Portland will offer birthday party reservations and standard party bookings with the ability to add food to the event.

Definitely something different to do in Portland, and we also hear it’s a heck of a calorie burning exercise!


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Portland, Maine Named America’s Best Minor League Baseball Town


Portland, Maine was named America’s best minor league baseball town by the SmartAsset blog. The blog did a study that took each town in America that had a minor league baseball team and based the towns on:

  1. Violent Crime per 100,000 Residents
  2. Property Crime per 100,000 Residents
  3. Disposable Income – The difference between average income and the average monthly rent for a two bedroom apartment.
  4. Unemployment Rate
  5. Dining & Entertainment Establishments per 100,000 Residents 

As well as

  1. Team Win Percentage – Determined by each team’s performance during the 2014 regular season.
  2. Stadium Experience – A ranking of every minor league ballpark, courtesy of, who attended a game at every single minor league stadium.
  3. Minor League Class – A measure from 0-50 based on the level of competition: Triple-A teams receive a 0, Double-A teams a 10, Class A Advanced a 20, and so on.

After coming off of one of the Sea Dogs best seasons in years the fans of the Portland Sea Dogs are riding high. The Sea Dogs posted a regular season record of 88-54, good enough to win the Eastern League’s Eastern Division by five games, with over half of those wins coming in at home. And just as the team dominated on the diamond in 2014, the town has flourished in recent years as well. Portland, Maine boasts the 16th highest disposable income of the minor league towns that were examined, and the 15th lowest unemployment rate. With a Quality of Life Score of 97.47 and a Team Score of 99.37, Portland is the only city on the list to rank in the top 10 in both categories.

For more information visit the SmartAsset Blog.

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Harvard Pilgrim 5k Challenge- June 27, 2014

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Get ready for the new Harvard Pilgrim 5k Challenge on June 27!  The race will require you to have teams of 5 for this beautiful route.  Grab some co- workers or friends for the race!  (If you can’t find any takers individual participants will be welcomed as well!)

The out-and-back course starts at the end of marginal way on the bike path, then runs out to the East End beach to the turn around.

Times will be added together to find category winners!

After you have finished your run or walk stick around for some great local food, raffle give-aways and fun!

All proceeds go to support the Portland Police Activities League.


For more information on the 5k and to Register-  Click Here

For more information on the awards given- Click Here



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Tough Mudder coming to Westbrook!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


Tough Mudder’s popular obstacle course is coming to Westbrook on August 23/24, 2014 and it’s being deemed as the “Great Northeast.”  Over the past few years this has really become a popular national event, and this is your opportunity to finally see what it’s all about!  Parts of the sunset ridge golf course in Westbrook have gone unused for years and mother nature has primed these for tough mudder competition.  Tough Mudder has worked close with Westbrook to push the course boundaries into some dense woods and snowmobile trails.  Don’t miss out on this!

Early registration starts now!  Click the link below to register, buy TM gear and find out conditions before the event.

Register online at:



Event Details:

Date: August 23/24, 2014

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Sunset Ridge

771 Cumberland St

Westbrook, ME

Travel Time:

Portland- 10 Minutes

Augusta- 1 Hour

Manchester, NH- 1 Hour

Boston, Ma- 2 Hours

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TD Beach to Beacon 2014 registration starts tomorrow!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


The registration process begins this week for the annual race starting this Thursday with Cape Elizabeth residents and general public on Friday.  On 7AM Thursday morning there will be 600 slots available for Cape residents and then 4,000 slots available on Friday morning for the general public at the same time.  The last opportunity for slots will take place from March 14-March 23 with a lottery of 1900 slots!

This is deemed as the “fastest five minutes in road racing.”  

This year’s race is projected to fill up at the fastest rate ever.  In 2013 the Cape resident slot filled up in only 9 minutes the general public was filled in a ridiculous time of under 5 minutes.  The fee is $45, good luck!  


Register online at

Cape Residents Registration- Thursday March 13,- 7AM

General Public Registration- Friday, March 14- 7AM

Lottery- March 14-March 23.


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L.L.Bean to Display All Three Boston Red Sox World Series Trophies – Saturday, January 25 from 3-5pm


Another great reason to visit Freeport, Maine and support your team! Internationally recognized outdoor retailer L.L.Bean, best known for its Bean Boot and 100% satisfaction guarantee will be displaying all three Red Sox World Series trophies at its Flagship Store in Freeport, Maine on Saturday, January 25 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. as part of a tour the trophies are making in Maine. Senator George Mitchell will offer welcoming remarks and be available for photo opportunities with the trophies. Senator Mitchell is a director with the Red Sox and a current senior advisor to the team. L.L.Bean and the Red Sox have enjoyed a long-standing partnership working to provide unique opportunities for New Englanders to engage in outdoor activities while feeding their passion for all things baseball. Fans will also have access to photo opportunities with the World Series Trophies, Senator Mitchell, and Wally The Green Monster in the lobby of the Flagship Store in Freeport.



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New Years Crowds at Your Preferred Gym. Why it isn’t a bad thing.

On New Years Day 2014, just like they do every year, crowds of inexperienced newcomers will anxiously arrive at your favorite gym, ready to change their lives. It happens every year. It wasn’t until I owned my own business that I realized that this was a good thing for people like you or me, for example, who frequent their favorite gym, yoga studio, rock gym, and many other gyms around Portland. Look, I’ll be honest. As someone who has spent a third of their life in a gym for football and fitness I can say I used to get fuming mad at the sight of all the people who signed up on New Years Day and proclaimed how THIS was the year they will get into shape. While that is great in merit, the fact is most of these people don’t know what they’re doing. They usually take up machines, space, or spots in a class that you could be having or using. Yes, you: the person who is ALWAYS THERE. Not just when it’s a new year. Maybe it’s maturation, owning my own business, or maybe I just view things a bit different now.  I no longer feel this way.  But please, let me explain.  


1.  If you’re really committed you’ll stay.   Statistically 3/4 of these people will be gone in a week and won’t return for month 2 or even week 2.  Instead of being angry at them, or judging, or anything of that nature – think of it this way: once upon a time that was you. Maybe it was you when you were younger. Maybe you were in a different situation. Either way, have some compassion for someone trying something new. If it’s the first day at the Maine Rock Gym, lend some advice on bouldering. If it’s the first day at World’s Gym, lend a spot, give advice, introduce yourself, and, most of all, be patient.  If you’re heading to Portland Power Yoga or Greener Postures and maybe your usual class is a bit more crowded with new aspiring “yogies,” take it in stride.  You know why you do it, you aren’t sure why they are. Maybe they need this. Maybe this is the first day they change their life with some sort of fitness activity and start down a new path. Remember, at one point, this was you.


2.  Understand that life isn’t about you.  Last year at the gym I went to, I saw a man almost lose his fingers in a triceps extension machine. Every person who is familiar with a weight gym knows that if you aren’t careful or familiar with the equipment, the results can be very bad. In this case, this man was moments away from resting his hand on the machine exactly where the weight would fall. I kindly instructed the man how to do this properly and on my way I went.  Even if he never returns to a gym at least he has had a good experience, and if he comes back and keeps getting in better and better shape and doing something for himself, how is that a bad thing? Be selfless about all these new people entering your gym, and lend a hand.


3.  I’m ultimate proof of being new.  Last year I was brought as a guest with a friend who did yoga at a local yoga studio in South Portland – Greener Postures.  Now, anyone that knows me knows that, up until that point, I had never done yoga a day in my life. As a 200 lb ex-football player, I was a bit nervous. Ok, actually really nervous. I managed to not make a complete fool of myself in this crowded after-New-Years class although it was clear this was very different than anything I’d ever done before. Ok, now that you have that visual and are done laughing, I’ll continue. I never returned. It just wasn’t right for me. Going in my mind set was, “Well, new year.  Let me try something new.” Which brings me back to the overall point. I was that sweaty big guy who didn’t know one pose that was taking up far too much in a yoga class full of experts. They were patient, and I was gone.



4.  This is all about people trying new things. As a Portland-based small business, you should be happy that more people open memberships. It’s allowing the gym opportunities to make more money and better the place you already love. If they stay, then that’s great for them trying a new activity and getting themselves in shape. Everyone starts somewhere. If they leave, and you are one of those people who don’t heed any of this advice and hate the extra five minutes you had to wait for your bench press or your favorite route at the rock gym, then you got your wish.

I hope that everyone will remain patient and open to the idea of more people entering their fitness space in the new year.  As an ex-football player who spent 11 years in a gym setting, tried rock climbing and yoga as back to back New Years, I THINK I can relate to every view here.  Practice patience and remember, at one time, that was you!  

Here are some of the great gyms studios to try in the new year!


Greener Postures Yoga // 740 Broadway St, South Portland, Maine.

World’s Gym //  265 Marginal Way Portland, ME

Maine Rock Gym // 127 Marginal Way Portland, ME

Portland Power Yoga // 84 Cove St, Portland, ME


Happy New Year!

Kyle Poissonnier

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Biking in Portland, Maine – Where to begin?

ScenicMaineCycling-1Biking in Portland, Maine – Where to begin?

There’s more than one bike friendly Portland in the United States! One of the advantages of Southern Maine is the number of trails and roads that are available for cyclists.  If you’re looking to ride in Maine, here is some must know info to get you started.

First things first, be sure you’re aware of Maine’s cycling laws. It’s your responsibility to know and follow the rules of the road. Always wear a helmet and be sure you’re visible to all cars and pedestrians. Portland has a lot of trails that are shared with runners, so a bell is a great way to let people know when you’re passing.

There are many great bike shops to choose from, so be sure to check them all out and pick the one that best suits your style.  (ProTip: Once you find the one you like, bring them a 6-pack of delicious Maine beer when you drop off your bike for a tune up. They won’t forget.) Many shops offer group rides for cyclists of all abilities, which is a great way to meet like-minded people and not feel self-conscious about your skill level.  If you’re looking for trails, asking your local shop is a great idea. You should also check out The Portland based site is a great resource for people looking to explore the area, on foot, as well as by bike.

There are several clubs and organizations dedicated to all aspects of biking. Mountain bikers will want to check out Greater Portland NEMBA for information on the latest trail building efforts, places to ride, races, and group rides. For general Maine biking news, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine is the place to be. These groups have active Facebook pages and offer information year round.

Here’s a list of four great rides to get you started in the Portland area!

The Back Bay

Difficulty: Easy

Distance 3.1 miles

Where to begin: Across the street from Forest Ave Hannaford.

Greenbelt Walkway

Difficulty: Easy

Distance 5.7 Miles

Where to begin: You can access the Greenbelt from many places. Starting at the East End Beach, head across the Casco Bay Bridge and continue all the way to Bug Light.

Baxter Woods/Evergreen Cemetery

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 2-4 miles

Where to begin: Access the 30 Acre Baxter Woods Preserve on Forest Ave. Once you’ve ridden it, you’ll be on Stevens Ave. Cross the street and explore Maine’s second largest cemetery.

Presumpscot Falls (MTB Only)

Difficulty: Medium

Distance: 2-4 miles.

Where to begin: These trails are a great place to mountain bike, and there is a parking area located on both ends of the trail if you don’t want to double back. Access the trail on Summit Street or head out towards West Falmouth and park in the designated area on Route 100/26. It’s just before a large bridge that crosses the river. If you get to Hannaford you’ve gone too far.


About the Author: When he’s not working at a Maine marketing firm, Erich Pobatschnig spends far too much of his free time cycling and mountain biking the many roads and trails of New England.

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The Color Run 2013 – South Portland Maine – July 7

international-logoThis Sunday, July 7, The Color Run South Portland Maine will take to the streets of South Portland around Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) and Spring Point for a charity 5k to benefit the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. In case you haven’t seen or heard of a Color Run, there are “staff” spread along the route who spray runners with multi-colored nontoxic paints keeping the excitement level and energy high throughout the course. Here is a video of past color runs, so you get the idea… The Color Run Video

While registration for the Happiest 5K on the Planet is sold out, you should certainly go check out what all the excitement is about and cheer on the participants. For more information, please visit us at


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