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Maine Restaurant Week- March 1-10, 2014.

Maine Restaurant Week 2014

Maine Restaurant Week 2014


It’s that time of year again that everyone in Maine loves.  It’s Maine restaurant week 2014!  This is a statewide event that allows customers of these great local restaurants an opportunity to try the best they have to offer in great three course offerings at special prices.

This year is the sixth installment of this always-growing and popular event.  A can’t-miss event with dozens of local restaurants participating, hundreds of amazing and talented restaurant professionals, and more.  This is the very best way to support Maine’s local restaurant industry.

This year to kick off the week there will be The Incredible Breakfast Cook-off on Friday, February 28, 2014.  

Sponsored by WBLM and Sea dog Brewing Co this event begins at 7Am at Sea Dog in South Portland, with the winner being announced at 8:45AM.  Guests who buy tickets for the cook-off will sample each breakfast prepared and vote for their favorites.  The last five years the title has been held by The Good Table, and this many will be looking to take the crown from them.  Included in the ticket price are coffee, tea, juice, and all other breakfast items.  The best part is that all the proceeds are donated to charity!  

Courtesy of Maine Restaurant week's facebook.

Courtesy of Maine Restaurant week’s facebook.

Purchase your Incredible Breakfast tickets here: 


Closing out the week will be:  The Signature Cocktail and Dessert event on Sunday, March 9, 2014.  

This closeout even is a celebration of some of the best cocktail shakers and dessert makers in all of Maine.  After having your cocktail and dessert samples you can vote and decide the very best Maine has to offer in 2014 from these talented professionals.

Order Signature event tickets here:

Photo Courtesy of Maine Restaurant week's facebook.

Photo Courtesy of Maine Restaurant week’s facebook.


For full details, more events, and a full list of restaurants participating this year near you visit


Restaurant Sign Up–  Restaurant owners and managers call (207) 775-2126 with any questions, and you can sign up online here!


This is a fantastic and fun way support the great Maine restaurant community!



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Chris Beth and The Ohno Cafe- The people make the place even greater.

548789_4178104101407_1260787141_nWhen I sat down with Chris Beth; owner of Ohno Cafe in Portland I actually forgot for the first forty-five minutes that I was there to actually conduct an interview, and not shoot the breeze over a few beers and laugh most of the time.  As time passed we had much more in common than I ever thought we would.  Both from small towns in Maine, both played high school football, and both have an extreme love for life.  I’m a huge believer that successful businesses are maintained by honest, friendly, and genuine people.  Chris is undoubtedly all of those things.  Having only met him a few times prior, Chris always had a smile on his face and was filling up the room with his laughter.  Beyond being extremely jealous of his massive beard the first time I met him I asked him what he did for a living, and he casually said, “my wife and I own a cafe in town.”  I said, “what one.”  He then said “Ohno cafe.”  I immediately wanted to let him know how much everyone raves about his place, and how once you go you’re hooked for life.  But I simply replied, “#6 amazing.”  I think that is how most people talk about the cafe.  Everyone has a story or their favorite sandwich number, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that ever didn’t thoroughly enjoy a meal or experience at the cafe.  Chris and his wife Lori have run the cafe for almost 5 years now, and have made quite a name for themselves within the loyal Portland community.

Ohno Cafe

Courtesy of

After hearing Chris’s story you can’t help but be a fan of the guy.  He is genuine, and more than likely you can relate to him in some way.  It also doesn’t help that the sandwiches and food his cafe produces are downright delicious and amazing.  Chris says, “Ohno cafe is different things to different people.”  “I have customers that I’m sure have never had a bite of my food but will swear up and down we have the best wine selection in Portland.  “Then we have people who are so focused on getting their coffee and breakfast sandwich they may never notice the beer cooler” he says.  Which makes me think, why doesn’t everyone approach it that way?  He preaches consistency.  That is the key to business.  “Why would anyone return if they ate a great sandwich on their first visit and an “ok” sandwich upon return” he asks.

One thing that also stood out to me about Chris was how much he gave praise to his employees.   When I first sat down before we could even speak he dug into his wallet and laid out a 3 foot long receipt from the company party he took his employees to on Sunday night.  Showing it to me proudly at what was consumed by the crew.  Throughout the interview he took pride in telling me how most of them have been with him since the beginning and took pride in the relationships he has with them all.   Immediately, it became evident again why this is such a successful place.  He stated, “I hate when any of them introduce me as “boss.”  “I’m not here to boss anyone” he says.  He goes on to say that, “people that come in pick up on the good vibes of that, and the regulars that come in every do just that, come EVERY day.”  “I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to have that kind of loyalty, so I won’t try” he says.

The #1 at Ohno

the #1 at Ohno







So after a few beers I decided to dig a little deeper to find out how this ridiculously outgoing, friendly, and humble dude managed to open and run one of the most well known cafes not just in Portland, but in all of Maine.


So you grew up in Brunswick and played football?  Where did you attend college and what did you study?  

Chris:  I went to Maine Maritime Academy from 1994-1998 graduating with a B.S. degree in power engineering technology.


After college what did you do for work, and what did it teach you about wanting to settle in Portland?  You also have a wife, any children?   

Chris:  I worked as a field service engineer until I was 31, working for a few different companies.  Mostly I was on the road servicing power plant equipment for a couple weeks to a couple months at a time.  Then it came to my attention the previous owner of Ohno cafe was looking to sell.  I quit my job and then worked for him for 8 months then eventually bought the place.  Whenever I was away from Maine, it always drew me back in, and whenever  I traveled around the country I continually compared Portland to wherever I was.  There’s no place like it for me.

My wife and I both grew up in Brunswick and went to high school together, and actually were friend.  The first day she got her license I went on a terrifying ride with her to Freeport!  I hadn’t seen her in ten years until I ran into her at the Free Street Taverna (now the Dogfish Cafe).  She said she never wanted to marry someone from high school, but here we are!  She is the reason I am doing this today, she ha supported me all the way.  She was able to quit her job, and now we run the business together…. pretty amazing, now that I stop and think about it.  No children, just a dog, a cat, and a business!


Growing up, I always dreamed of owning my own business.  Were you the same?  If so, what kind?  

Chris:  I always had dreams of owning my own business.  I’m an outgoing person and I saw myself owning a bar or restaurant, walking around shaking peoples hands and chatting about how great the place was.  I had no idea what owning a business actually was like.  It’s much harder than I ever would have imagined, but very rewarding at the same time.  I had various ideas about what kind of business I wanted it to be, but this kind of fell into my lap and I took the leap.


How did Ohno start?  The cafe has somewhat of a cult following in Portland.  Did you think long and hard about starting or did you just jump right in?

Chris:  Ohno Cafe was started by a very talented chef named Chris Cook.  He put together menu when he started and that has changed very little since the beginning.  I owe him a lot for starting the kernel for what we are today and teaching me how to cook good food quickly and CONSISTENTLY.  That is in all caps because that is the most important thing in becoming an established restaurant.  Consistency= success in business.


 What inspires your menu, and do you have any personal favorites from over the years? 

Chris:  Again, I am lucky to have inherited an amazing men.  But the old saying is true: “if it ain’t broke, dont fix it.” In five years we have only added 2 menu items., and none of the other menu items have been removed.  Ohno has very loyal customers and it seems as though every person has a sandwich they can identify with.  So, the weekly specials is what gives us a change to get creative and make something different.  Most of those are born by what we feel like eating that week or items that have been really successful in the past.  The #1 is as close as what we have to a “signature sandwich.”  My personal favorite is pretty simple #4 which consists of salmon which is super fresh and smoked right here in town at Browne Trading.


Ohno just passed the 5 year mark.  What are your plans for the next 5 year, or where would you personally like it to be?

Chris:  We have had goals since the beginning, but I find being rigid in meeting goals crushes creativity sometimes.  Things have happened pretty organically and and I’m happy to be where we’re at.  In the summers we are stretched really thin for space and we have to try to get creative to find room for the all the product.  We have toyed with the idea of opening a second location and we have even looked at a few, but it’s got to be the right space.  So who knows, maybe that will happen in the next 5 years…


Lastly, why do you love what you do, and why do you love Portland?

Chris:  There is no better feeling than when someone eats at Ohno for the first time and they say, “that was so good, we will definitely be back soon,” and you see them the next day!  Feeding people is a very connecting experience, so many of our fondest memories are associated with food, and being part of that is very satisfying.  As far as Portland goes… I’m not sure there is anything I don’t love about it, at least not enough to mention.  People in Portland are very local to art, music and food.  This has been thriving for years with no signs of slowing down.  Vibrant, I believe is the term people use.  It’ just an easy place to be yourself; a very easy going, laid back town full of mostly good natured folks.  Then there’s also the sea.  I bought a small sailboat a few years ago and I spend every possible minute I have on Casco Bay.  It truly gives me great perspective to be a tiny speck floating on the ocean viewing our fair city which has become what it is by the hard work so many, and I wonder… what’s next.


Chris is right.  Portland truly is what it is because of the hardworking, genuine people that make it up.  Chris is one of them.  I think the Ohno cafe is more of a feeling than just a place that has great food.  The people make the place.  Day to day is stressful for any person  There are bills, stresses of a job, relationships… anything really.  Walking into an unassuming cafe in the west end of Brackett street and being greeted by Chris, his wife, or any of the employees at the cafe can brighten your day, and give you something to actually not stress about even if its just for a few minutes.

I leave the interview thinking I’m lucky that I ran into another quality person/business owner who simply wants to make great food and keep smiles on people’s faces.  In 2014, this is encouraging.  Chris Beth, his family and the Ohno cafe do that for us better than anyone else in Portland.


Have a great weekend!


Kyle Poissonnier


For more information on Ohno Cafe visit them online at:



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Vinland Restaurant – Local. Organic. Maine.

Simple. Their marketing says it all. Local. Organic. Maine.

Vinland, one of Portland’s newest restaurants is located at 593 Congress Street, Portland (Congress Square just steps from the former Eastland Hotel – now Westin Portland Harborview), and as their website states they “will be the first restaurant in the United States to serve 100% local, organic food”. You can’t help but be intrigued by owner David Levi’s determination to open an restaurant in Portland with so many great establishments already vying for their stake in the market. And I must say, I am impressed at their WHY – a wonderful mission statement of their 19 principles – reminding me of author Simon Sinek’s “golden circle” and quote, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”.

As I have yet to eat at the restaurant I can’t advise / comment on my experience or the food, though there has been a fair amount of press leading up to the grand opening of restaurant; Huffington Post, Grub Street, Bangor Daily News, and Portland Press Herald

Here at, we certainly can appreciate the support local efforts represented by Vinland, from their use of only locally sourced ingredients to our learning that a Kickstarter campaign helped to initially fund the restaurant. We wish them success and all the best.

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Maine Restaurant Week – March 1-10, 2013

Maine Restaurant Week was started in 2009 as a way to help give Maine restaurants and hotels an added boost during the slower winter months, and has turned into a 10 day long extravaganza featuring many of the top local restaurants with well-known corporate sponsors helping to place the event further on the map. It’s the talk of the town leading up to the big event and certainly tough to get a table at your favorite establishment if you don’t plan ahead. Yet, also a fantastic opportunity to get a taste at many of the finer dining locales at an affordable price. Each of the participating establishments offers a three course lunch and/or dinner menu during the 10 days for you to sample their delightful dishes.

To cap off Maine Restaurant Week, the Signature Event on Sunday, March 10 from 4:30-7:30pm at Prime Mercedes-Benz on Route 1 in Scarborough boasts over 20 bartenders and pastry chefs delivering coacktails and desserts for guests to taste and vote on their favorites. The event is open to the public with tickets purchased benefiting the United Way of Greater Portland. We hear there will be a sushi bar and a DJ to entertain guests with music while they dine. For tickets to the event please visit Maine Restaurant Week Signature Event Tickets

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New Year’s Eve Dining in Portland courtesy of

Thanks to our friend Anestes at for their New Year’s Eve dining list – a rather comprehensive piece dedicated to those looking to enjoy a great dining experience as part of their celebration of 2012 and welcoming of 2013. Here you go…

According to here’s a list of restaurants that will be open on New Year’s Eve. Many are planning special prix fixe dinners and a few will be open with their standard menu. If you know of any other options, post a comment with the details and we’ll add them to the list.

Everyone and their cousin wants to go out on New Year’s Eve so reservations are essential. recommends you call soon before all the good spots get booked up.

  • Back Bay Grill, $88 4-course dinner
  • Bar Lola, $55 5-course dinner
  • Bibo’s Madd Apple Cafe, $50 4-course dinner
  • Bresca, $85 5-course Venetian-inspired meal with optional wine pairings for $35
  • Carmen at the Danforth will offer 2 seatings. The early seating is $80 for a 4-course dinner, the later seating is $125 for a 5-course dinner with live music.
  • East Ender, $58 for a 4-course dinner
  • Five Fifty-Five, 1920s prohibition theme $75 3-course dinner in the bar, $100 5-course dinner in the restaurant
  • Grace will be serving their regular dinner menu. A cover charge of $10 will get you into the late night party which comes with complementary champagne toast at midnight.
  • Hugo’s, $80 7-course dinner
  • Local Sprouts will be open until midnight serving their standard menu
  • Maria’s, $45, 3-course dinner
  • Nosh Kitchen Bar, tickets are $20
  • Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea, $75 4-course menu, $100 with wine pairings
  • Petite Jacqueline, $60 4-course dinner
  • The Good Table, will be serving a special New Year’s Eve menu
  • The Frog and Turtle, $45 for a 3-courses early seating, $65 for 5-course plus extras later seating
  • Vignola will be serving a speecial NYE menu, details are still TBD
  • Zackery’s, has a New Year’s Eve menu
  • Zapoteca, $55 5-course dinner.

For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

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Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes Visits Portland, Maine

Where the Ocean Meets the Farm

Chucks Hughes sports tattoos of his favorite foods.

Arugula, Bacon and Oysters are some of Chuck's many foodie tattoos.

Tune in this Tuesday night, October 30th at 8:30PM to watch Chuck Hughes feature Portland, Maine as his latest stop on “Chuck’s Eat The Street.” In this show, Chuck devours Commercial Street by visiting Three Sons Lobster & Fish (now Foreside Seafood), Vignola Cinque Terre, Standard Baking Company, and the Farmer’s Table.

What Chuck Has to Say About Portland

35-year old friendly, boisterous, and endearing Chuck Hughes is the tatted up Canadian winner of “Iron Chef America,” who has gone on to host several of his own television shows, including “Chuck’s Day Off,” “Chuck’s Week Off: Mexico,” and “Chuck’s Eat the Street” on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. IlovePortlandMaine got to speak with Chuck on Friday, and ask him a few burning questions about his time in our little city, which he cheerfully answered in his French Canadian accent:

ILPM: Do you really have tattoos of your favorite foods?
Chuck: [laughs] Oh yes! Much to my mom’s dismay! I’ve got them everywhere: Oysters, Arugula, Lemon Merengue Pie, Lobster, Shrimp, Fish, and even the perfect temperature of the oil for deep-frying potato chips- 275 degrees.

ILPM: On your show “Chuck’s Eat The Streets,” you’ve been eating your way across America one street at a time from San Francisco, to Memphis and New Orleans. What made you pick Portland, Maine?
Chuck: I grew up going to Maine every summer in August–my parents had a place on Goose Rock’s Beach. But, you know, we never really ventured out past that area. I knew Portland had to be something special, so it was important for me to go to there as an adult. Plus, there’s something about this whole area, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont… all the French Canadian names everywhere, just like in Montreal. We have to stick together.

ILPM: What did you think of it? What did you notice about Portland right away?
Ohhh, Portland just has this salt-of-the-earth feel to it, an honest hard-working vibe. But also happy and fun loving. It’s authentic. The people are very real. What you see is what you get.

Portland just has this salt-of-the-earth feel to it, an honest hard-working vibe. But also happy and fun loving. It’s authentic. The people are very real. What you see is what you get.

ILPM: Why did you pick Commercial Street in particular?
Because it’s a mix of the working waterfront, locals, and tourists… it’s a showcase of fresh food– simple and authentic.

ILPM: How is your show different from other popular traveling food documentaries, like Anthony Bourdain’s?
Eat The Streets is all about discovering your own back yard. It’s an insider look at your own city, bringing people to places they might not know about– everyone has been to J’s Oyster, which is great! but maybe not so many people know about the Farmer’s Table. And I like to be able to meet with the chefs, bakers and fishermen so you can get a feel for everything that goes into bringing a dish to life.

ILPM: Speaking of oysters, what’s your favorite place in Portland?
Oh, there used to be this great place in the Portland Public Market called Scales. You could sit right up at the counter and watch them shuck. It’s gone now, but it had the best oysters!
ILPM: Have you been to Eventide Oyster Co right next to Hugo’s yet?
No! But I’ll be back in Portland again and will hit it up. Have you been to Bresca’s? It’s another favorite— it’s just a small place with ten tables, and it’s uber-feminine. I think that’s what makes it great. Women chefs are where it’s at now, they’re very patient and they add that extra touch to everything they make. [Chuck laughs] They’re pretty much the opposite of me, you know, all the bacon and the butter and everything.

When To Watch & Where to Go To Follow In Chuck’s Footsteps

The Portland episode “Where The Ocean Meets The Farm” is scheduled to air from 8:30 p.m.-9 p.m. this Tuesday Oct. 30 on The Cooking Channel (Channel 119 if you have Time Warner Cable).  On this show, Chuck will feature two restaurants, a bakery, and a lobster pound: Vignola Cinque Terre, The Farmer’s Table, Standard Baking Company, and Three Sons Lobster & Fish Co. Chuck also mentioned Scales Restaurant in the Portland Public Market (the market is now out of business, but the restaurant was opened by Sam Hayward of the renowned Fore Street Restaurant) and  Bresca as other personal favorites, as well as any clam shack between Portland and Kennebunk– “especially ones that are ghetto as all hell, because they usually have the best fried clams!”

The Farmer's Table in Portland Maine

Chuck visits The Farmer's Table on Commercial Street

Chuck Hughes visits Three Sons Lobster & Fish Co. in Maine

Tell me you haven't seen this guy on Commercial Street in the summer!

If you’re going to be up Montreal way, you might want to stop in to one of Chuck’s own restaurants, Garde Manger or Le Bremner with its “speakeasy vibe in a beautiful basement setting in the ancient heart of the city.”


Maine Author, Blogger, Journalist, Travel WriterFeature Journalist and Travel Writer Leona Vera is a regular contributor to ILovePortlandMaine.

Know of a Person, Place or Event That Deserves A Little Time in The Spotlight? Let me know!

A native Mainer, Leona Vera moved westward to California the first chance she got…only to find her heart yearning to return to the East. She now happily resides in Greater Portland, and loves the quirky outdoors-and-artsy culture that can’t be matched anywhere else–not even on the Left Coast!

Find Leona Vera on Google Plus or read more about her on LinkedIn

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Portland Maine’s Foodie Scene on Television

Maine. America’s Hat.

Reality Television visits Portland, Maine

The Great Food Truck Race in Portland Maine

Do you think of Maine as a backwoods little hick state where we’re still 8 years behind in fashion, and people from Mass jokingly [not jokingly] ask if we have electricity up here? Think again. Crowned “America’s Foodiest Small Town” by Bon Appetit Magazine, Portland is steadily attracting the attention of big names like Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Chuck Hughes, The Travel Channel and Food Network television. Maine is actually kind of… hip.

Late to the Party…

In the past couple of years alone, we’ve had four shows filmed right in the Old Port, and that’s just for our (apparently world class) restaurant scene, where Food is being elevated to the level of Art. It doesn’t even count all the movies that needed a quaint, reclusive backdrop for their sets.  Actually, with all the camera crews that must’ve been milling around I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled into one of them by now, but I’m always thrilled to chat with more in-the-know peeps— like the staff at Duckfat last week, who informed me that Portland was one of the stops on Season 3 of The Great Food Truck Race this summer.  Maybe it’s time for those of us living under a rock to check out some of these fantastic local blogs like Chubby Werewolf and Food Coma to help keep up on all that’s happening in Portland’s foodie culture.

[Editor’s Note:  5 November] It’s been brought to my attention that there are MANY local bloggers immersed in Portland’s foodie scene who are truly worth checking out, so I’d like to refer you to some of their sites:

Instant Portland (on the right sidebar you’ll see links to about 20 blogs, including our own — thanks, Anna S.)

Edible Obsessions

From Away (not only is this blog currently maintained and heavily peppered with great recipes, but they’ve even graciously imparted some wisdom to burgeoning food bloggers here)

Portland Food Map (if you’re a data-junkie with a penchant for visualization, check out the Conceptual Map on the right sidebar– so far it’s one of the most unique ways we’ve seen to access restaurant reviews, contact information, and the website for planning a night out on the town)

Map & Menu

Eating Like a Big Shot

Two cousins from Maine compete on ABC's "The Shark Tank" October 2012

Two cousins from Portland, Maine compete on ABC's show "The Shark Tank" in October 2012

Want to claim a little bit of celebrity lifestyle for yourself and follow in the footsteps of your favorite Foodie icons (like Anthony Bourdain –swoon!)? Start with this list below. With some light online digging, you can even be creepy (like me!) and order the exact same menu items that Anthony the celeb did and see if your own cultured palate matches up to their official food critiques. Note: If you actually do this, I’ll high-five you as your official geek stamp. Credit for organizing the list as well as links to each television episode can be found here.

Man V. Food
Nosh Kitchen Bar – Portland
The Lobster Shack – Cape Elizabeth
Tradewinds Café – Arundel

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Primo Restaurant – Rockland
Street and Co – Portland
J’s Oyster – Portland

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
Food Factory Miyake – Portland
Hugo’s – Portland
Fore Street Restaurant – Portland

The Best Thing I Ever Ate
Academe Maine Brasserie & Tavern – Kennebunk
Two Fat Cats Bakery – Portland
Young’s Lobster Pound – Belfast
Miyake – Portland

Drinking Made Easy
Allagash Brewery – Portland
Great Lost Bear – Portland
Grace – Portland
Sonnys – Portland
Vignola – Portland

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
Becky’s Diner – Portland
Maine Diner – Wells
A1 Diner – Gardiner
Bob’s Clam Hut – Kittery
Porthole Restaurant – Portland

Rachael Ray – $40 a Day
Becky’s Diner – Portland
Greengrocer – Portland

Throwdown with Bobby Flay
Cranberry Island Kitchen – Portland
Hancock Gourmet Lobster – Topsham
The Lobster Dock – Boothbay Harbor
The Brass Compass Café – Rockland

Unique Eats
Fore Street – Portland
The Clam Shack – Kennebunk
The Whitebarn Inn – Kennebunkport
Two Fat Cats Bakery – Portland
Arrows – Ogunquit
Earth – Kennebunkport

Food Wars
The Clam Shack – Kennebunk
Alisson’s Restaurant – Kennebunkport

Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich
The Galley Restaurant and Pub – Naples


Maine Author, Blogger, Journalist, Travel WriterFeature Journalist and Travel Writer Leona Vera is a regular contributor to ILovePortlandMaine.

Know of a Person, Place or Event That Deserves A Little Time in The Spotlight? Let me know!

A native Mainer, Leona Vera moved westward to California the first chance she got…only to find her heart yearning to return to the East. She now happily resides in Greater Portland, and loves the quirky outdoors-and-artsy culture that can’t be matched anywhere else–not even on the Left Coast!

Find Leona Vera on Google Plus or read more about her on LinkedIn

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Harvest on the Harbor – Maine’s Premier Food and Wine Experience..

The GreatMaine's Best Farm to Table Chefer Portland Convention & Visitors Bureau presents Harvest on the HarborOctober 24th-27th at the Ocean Gate Pier in Portland.

The harvest season is a beautiful and unique time in Maine. Take this opportunity to enjoy an amazing array of food and wine offerings, educational sessions and a bit of friendly competition.

Tickets are going quickly!  Visit the link below for more event details.

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14th Annual Fall in the Village Art & Music Festival

Although apple season is upon us a little early this year,  let’s not jump into the typical fall season activities just yet.   Why not enjoy this beautiful weekend in Freeport, outside, in Discovery Park on the L.L. Bean campus.  Enjoy over 50 booths of talented artists, listen to live music, eat food and maybe squeeze in some shopping.  Plenty of fun  for kids too!  Free admission and parking!  Festivities begin at noon on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday.

Click here for the brochure:

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Portland Named #1 City For ‘Second Acts’

photo by Corey Templeton

Portland, Maine has recently been named as the #1 city in America for “Second Acts” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, meaning empty nesters looking for a change should check out our beautiful city!

Kiplinger’s compiled lists of the top 5 best cities for various times in life, whether someone be just starting out, an empty nester, or a retiree. Each list reveals the top five cities that satisfy specific requirements for each life stage, including cost of living, income growth, population share for each age group, crime rate, healthcare, public schools, and community services and cultural resources.

Check out the complete list here!

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