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New Year’s Eve 2015 in Portland!

Each year here at ILPM we try and highlight some of our favorite New Year’s events!  It’s becoming harder and harder each year to talk about/cover all of them in a city that does so much for one night!  Here are a few of our favorites for the big night as we say goodbye to 2014!



-Grace New Year’s Eve Bash

Location:  Grace Restaurant, 15 Chestnut Street, Portland.

Time:  9pm


This is the 6th New Year’s Eve Bash Grace as had!  This year they are changing it up a bit to provide the best possible party!  This will be a ticket only event, so you can avoid the lines!  You will be greeted with a champagne toast upon arrival, dance the night away with a fantastic DJ and ring in the new year with us and 250 new friends.  Again, this will be a ticket only event with proceeds of the ticket sales going to support the important work of Good Shepard Food Bank!








Children’s Museum New Year’s at Noon and New Year’s at 2. 

Location:  Maine Children’s Museum, 142 Free St, Portland.

Time:  10AM-12PM

This is family friendly version of a New Year’s Eve Celebration!  The Museum will host their annual New Year’s Party for kids.  New Year’s at Noon (starting little early this year) will feature lots of fun for the little ones, along with 500 balloons!  The New Year’s PJ Party is free with Admission.

From 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM…

If you want to celebrate New Year’s in a quieter fashion with “hat-making and merriment”.  The event is free with Admission. Please note…

For more information visit: 














Midnight Masquerade- Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks

Location- Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks, Grand Ballroom, 200 Sable Oaks Drive, South Portland.

Time:  Events starting at 6:30pm.

Celebrate the traditions of carnival and Mardi Gras as DJ Brian Zutter and The Bob Charest Band keep you moving all night.  From 6:30-7:30pm enjoy cocktail hour, 7:30-9pm enjoy dinner at the hotel, 9pm-1am enjoy ringing in the new year!  There are multiple ticket options available for this event, and even a ticket option that gets you a special discounted rate for the hotel for the evening!

For Reservations and more Information, call the Marriott Hotline at 207-347-6874, E-mail
call The Bob Charest Band at 207-797-3848, E-mail


4th Annual All Access Party Pass




If dancing and moving location to location on New Year’s Eve is your thing then this is the pass for you.

The All Access Party Pass-Downtown puts the hottest spots in the coolest areas of the city all onto one itinerary for New Year’s Eve 2014! Gain entry to the most sought after downtown hot spots, each with NYE perks and amenities including:

-Complimentary General Admission to multiple events. Feel free to party hop all night long so go to one or go to all…the choice is yours!

-Live performances by super hot DJs spinning hip hop, dance, rock, Top 40’s and 80’s

-Festive New Year’s Eve party favors

Gain Access to any of the following bars:

51 Wharf Nightclub
Bonfire Country Bar
Fore Play Sports Pub
Red Bull VIP Party

$35.00 All Access General Admission
$70.00 All Access VIP Line Skip

Purchase Tickets-



WCYY New Year’s Eve Bash- Soulive and Rustic Overtones at The State Theatre.

Location-  State Theatre, 609 Congress St, Portland Maine

Time:  Doors:  8pm.  Show: 9pm

If live music is your thing on New Year’s Eve this is the best of the best.  Head into the historic State Theatre to see Maine’s own Rustic Overtones opening for Soulive to ring in the New Year!

Buy Tickets online at or in person at the Cumberland Country Box Office or charge by phone at 800-745-3000 .








Here is 5 different kind of events, but we want to hear what you are planning!  Have an event that you’re attending or want us to highlight?  Let us know. Email us or comment on facebook!


Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

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The Trey Anastasio Band to play State Theatre – Tickets onsale October 17 at 10am

49-atlgThe Trey Anastasio Band will perform at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine on December 7, 2014 at 6:30pm (door open) and show begins 7:30pm. Tickets for the show go on sale Friday, October 17, 2014 at 10am.

Tickets for the show are $42.50 and there is a 4 ticket limit for this all ages show. You can visit Ticketmaster to order your Trey Anastasio tickets here.

Buy tickets online at the link above, in person at the Cumberland County Civic Center Box Office or charge by phone at 800-745-3000. The State Theatre Box Office will be open one hour before doors on night of show.

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An Interview With Mark Chimsky


Mark Chimsky is an editorial consultant based in Portland, Maine. For nearly six years he was the editor in chief of the book division of Sellers Publishing.  Previously, he was the head of top publishing imprints at Harper San Francisco, Little, Brown, and Macmillan.  In addition, he was on the faculty of New York University’s Center for Publishing and recently taught at Emerson College in Boston.  Mark edited Johnny Cash’s best-selling memoir, Cash, and developed and edited the award-winning Creating a Life You’ll Love and 65 Things to Do When You Retire, named by The Wall Street Journalas  “[one] of the year’s best guides to later life.”  Along with Jay Jacques, Mark is the co-author of the original new musical, “The Road of Life.”


Where is your favorite place to eat in Portland?

“For a night out with friends, I enjoy going to Boda (671 Congress St.) — their Grill Bar appetizer of bacon-wrapped dates on skewers is out of this world!  On lazy Sundays, BreaLu Cafe (428 Forest Ave.) is my go-to place for brunch.

 Where is your favorite place to hang out in Portland?
“The Eastern Prom Longfellow Books (1 Monument Way), Crescent Beach, Bull Moose (151 Middle St.), going to see the Portland Symphony Orchestra…did you ask for just one place??”
What is the best part of your job?
“As an editorial consultant, the best part of my job is helping authors get their book projects ‘ready for prime time.’ I find it exciting to work with talented authors so they are able to express their ideas as effectively as possible.  After having been in the publishing world for more than 30 years, I’m happy to share some of the secrets of how to create a publishable manuscript or marketable book proposal.”  Mark Chimsky Editorial Services Unlimited | The Premier Source for Writers
Why do you love Portland?
“I love Portland for the wonderful community I’ve found here.  I’m co-authoring a new musical, “The Road of Life,” with local composer Jay Jacques, and we’ve received incredible support for this project from so many people here.  Jay and I presented an early preview of the storyline and songs last March to an audience of 80 people in Portland and we were thrilled by the positive feedback.  We recently had our first staged reading to a sold-out audience at the Granite Theatre in Westerly, R.I., and in the past few months we’ve done an enormous amount of revision to the show, including adding lots of new songs.  On Friday, October 24 at 7:00 p.m., we will present an update of the musical at the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church ( 524 Allen Ave.), so people can hear our new material — and let us know what they think of it.  We love inviting a local audience to join us in the process of developing this original musical.  This free event will coincide with the launch of our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to raise money to record a high-quality, professional demo CD with local musicians, singers, and sound engineers so we can shop our musical to Broadway producers!”
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Local Music Video Program




 Looking for something to do after work? Well check this out, a program of music videos that all have some sort of connection to the community. YES, the local PORTLAND community! Okay so here’s the deal a local Filmmaker, by the name of David Meiklejohn has put together these local videos to show Portland not only his talent but to get growing support of the local community. This is all happening September 24 at 7pm right in Congress Square Park.




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The road to “The Road of Life.”

Courtesy of George Corsillo/Deisgn Monsters


I have said it many times and will always say it.  I appreciate and admire anyone who has an intense passion for what they do.  As much as lyricist Mark Chimsky and composer Jay Jacques were enthused, I was a bit scared because I’m not someone who has ever seen a musical live or many plays for that matter.  Jay is a local musician and Mark has edited a number of best sellers, including Johnny Cash’s memoir Cash, and now is an editorial consultant.  I was intimidated that I may be a bit out of my league in conducting this interview.  However, within five minutes ,we were all talking and laughing and I was being educated on “The Road of Life.”  The musical is set against the WWII era scene in the city of Leningrad.  The Nazis blockaded the Russian city for 900 days, essentially starving the population.  The story is centered around the real historical character of Olga Berggolts, thought the events depicted in the musical were all created by Mark and Jay.

Sitting across the table from me was Jay’s wife, Katrina, who he met while going to school in Latvia, and he explained that her grandfather was an actual survivor of this siege.  Immediately, the events of “The Road of Life” that Mark and Jay started to describe become real.  You feel for someone.  Jay explained that the idea happened for the musical quite out of the blue.  He had written a tune about his wife’s grandfather years ago but had filed it away.  In may 2013 Jay thought of that song again and thought that the subject of the siege may be a good one to explore theatrically.  He explained that he observed Mark’s bookshelves full of musical theatre books, and looked at Mark and said, “we should do a musical.”  They began working on it ernest after reading about the poet Olga Bolggolts.  By Janauary, Jay and Mark had enough of an outline and songs to present to a small group of friends.  They asked for honest feedback from the group and were pleased by the enthusiastic responses.  This was in May 2013.  In January in front of a small group of people Jay and Mark performed the musical and asked for honest feedback from the group.  Jay explained that one of the most memorable things that happened during this session was one friend that came from Germany expressed her gratitude to Jay for humanizing the character of the German soldier. ‘Gunther.’  Jay said, it was important for us to portray him as human and not this killing machine.”  Jay said the friend teared up a bit and Mark explained, “we knew this was valuable feedback and encouraged us to pursue our vision.”

I explained to Mark that I wanted to honestly know would someone like me be welcomed at this event and would any of my feedback be taken seriously having no experience or knowledge of this craft?  Mark said, “yes, you’d be a great person to have come!”  Me, Why?  Jay and Mark explained we want to ask people, “does this song making sense to you?”  “Does this one move you?”  “Are you enjoying yourself?”  “What parts did you dislike or like the most?”  Jay went on to explain they are using more of a mainstream feel for the music, and were actively making this more friendly to more a wide range of people.  Immediately, we dove into the idea that people in 2014 want to be feel involved or like they had a hand in creating any product really.  We agreed that the idea of failing or correcting something needs to be more embraced in our society, and that asking for feedback on how to improve something is invaluable.   

This idea  for the musical, which started in May 2013, and was presented to a small group of people in January 2014, is now being presented again on Friday night of this week.  The people who saw it in January will see a different version now because of the feedback they gave Mark and Jay.  As with the first time, the audience that comes this Friday will be encouraged to voice their opinions.  The next step in their journey will will arrive in August, when Mark and Jay material from “The Road of Life” at the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival in Auburn, New York  Both times with audience being encouraged to voice their opinions.    The journey will culminate in August at the Auburn Music Theatre Festival in New York.  The idea that these audiences they are presenting to can be a part of this finished product is an amazing thing, and something rare.  I told them that people will take pride in helping them put their best foot forward.


During the interview all I kept thinking was how Jay and Mark truly cared about giving the audience exactly what they wanted. and making the musical more enjoyable.  This pertains to anything I think where a product or performance is given to people.  Jay and I related to each other as being the guys who were given footballs and basketballs as kids and just went through High School and even college playing sports.  Mark explained that he probably went to hundreds of plays/musicals growing up and his first was ‘The Sound of Music,’ which he saw in Cincinnati, Ohio when he was 9.  Instantly he said, “I was hooked, and didn’t mind getting teased about listening to musical cast albums while other guys my age were playing sports.”  Jay said he was always into music very heavy and played in many bands but never really got into the idea of musicals into he met Mark.  This interview was more like a conversation between friends that all agreed on so much.

Although the history of the story that forms the backdrop for “The Road of Life” is of a tragic time, Mark explains, “we wanted to bring some light to this dark time and to show that love is extremely powerful.  Riding on top of all of this is a love story–it’s something that held people together then and will hopefully move audiences now.”


Jay told me that he and Mark had created 35 songs for the musical, and probably would keep 25 for the show’s final version.  Mark explained to me how he and Jay plotted the structure of the entire musical at the very beginning of their creative process and Jay described how songs can actually lead the way from scene to scene and how they can dictate everything from new plot twists to the creation of new characters.  Being a complete rookie to this, all my brain is being filled with information about this process that I didn’t expect.  I’m blown away by the sheer amount of work that goes into something like this.

My biggest takeaway through this conversation is, ironically, more about life than anything else: it’s about the passion and sincerity from these two about giving the best possible presentation they can.  On Friday they will run through the musical again in front of a much bigger audience and then open it up once again to feedback.  I know I will be there and am looking forward to being able to say maybe, just maybe I had some impact in how the final product ends up at the end of the summer in New York.  Passion is what separates good from great in any situation.  Mark and Jay will be just fine.


Take care everyone!


Kyle Poissonnier


**Mark Chimsky and Jay Jacques are looking for interested actors for a upcoming reading of the script.  For more information contact Mark directly at


Where and When:

Friday, March 28, 7pm at Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, 524 Allen Avenue




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Valentine’s Day brings special menus in Portland

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of








Couples in Portland will consider themselves lucky this Valentine’s day because a handful of many great local restaurants in Portland will be preparing special dishes just for this special night!  Some of the best restaurants in the city will be featuring dishes prepared just for the night only, and here are a few of our favorites!


Five-Fifty Five, 555 Congress St-  Offering a chef’s tasting menu for $88 a person with additional wine parings for an extra fee.  They will start with peekytoe crab bisque then allow you to move on to dishes like vaoduvan curried shrimp, beef tenderloin, organic scottish salmon, and pine nut crusted rack of American lamb!  Call 207-761-0555 for reservations or visit


Grace, 15 Chestnut St-  There will be an amuse for every table and many specials just for this special night.  Guests will choose their own reservation time and style of eating.  Call 207-828-4422 or visit


Hugo’s, 88 Middle St-  Hugo’s will offer a new menu just for the night with 7 courses priced at $80 per person and wine pairings for an additional $55 a person.  This will be running between the hours of 5-10pm.  Call 207-774-8538 or visit for reservations!


Petite Jacqueline, 190 State St-  Petite Jacqueline will offer a three-course tasting menu for $55 a person.  Wine tastings and champagne flights will be available.  Reservations are recommended.  Call 207-553-5687 or visit


The Salt Exchange, 245 Commercial St-  Salt Exchange will actually be running their Valentine’s Day special all weekend from 4-9pm.  The theme is “Midnight in Paris” and guests are advised to dress accordingly!  The menu will include great items like local oysters with lemon sorbet, fish and meat courses such as pouched Maine lobster, grilled swordfish and duck three ways.  Dessert will include choices like chocolate dipped strawberries and red velvet cake.  All six courses will cost $65 a person.  For reservations call 207-347-5687 or visit


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and enjoy these fantastic specials by some of Portland’s best restaurants!






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First Friday Art Walk – The First of 2014!


Odds are if you are a Portland, Maine resident or live in and around the neighboring towns you have heard of the First Friday Art Walk.  When I first arrived in Portland in 2010, I remember being blown away by the sheer volume of people that participate and the amazing and sometimes eye opening art that is displayed throughout the night, across the city.  The walk is special because it’s closing in on its 13th year and literally has grown pretty much on it’s own into a must see/do event every first Friday of the month.  It’s more than just an expo of art.  It has grown into a city wide culture festival that is a perfect example of what makes this city and this state great.

The ability to rally around an idea and make that idea grow is amazing.  Thousands upon thousands attend each month to enjoy art as one, and that is something that is truly unique about our state and city.  If you have never experienced an “Art Walk,” the perfect time to start is January 3, 2014.  The first walk of the new year.  Grab a friend, grab a loved one, and head out and experience what fantastic art Portland and the state has to offer.

Here are some highlights of what to expect on January 3!


8 Women Abstract Artists: 8″ x 8″, Anne Krinsky: “Shelf Life” Mixed Media, Elien Braun: Porcelain Ceramic Work


Susan Maasch Fine Art will continue the “8 Women Abstract Artists, 8″ x 8″” show.  This  focuses on the work of women artists, represented by the artists, and the invited artists.  “Shelf Life”- work by Anne Krinsky.  A working mix in which Krinsky uses panel with acrylic paint, acrylic transfer, silk screening, monoprint and collage.  The panels are arranged in groupings on shelves which invites the viewer to instinctively move closer to the images, examining the differences and the complex nature of each piece. SMFA will also continue to have several pieces of ceramic work by artist Eileen Braun in the gallery.

Color and Light

BRIDGE GALLERY // 568 Congress St

This exhibit features amazing color and fantastic light effects.  Artists Rhonda Pearle and Gary Perlmutter bring two very different styles into the equation.    Pearl, an expressive colorist, and PerlMutter, a classical realist, show their latest work in their gallery and studio.

High School Exhibit

Constellation Art Gallery // 511 Congress St.

This is a GREAT opportunity for local high school students to display their art!  Part of the mission of the Maine Artist Collective is to support educational development, and this is a great way to support!


Dockfore // 336 Fore St

Organisms and creatures in this unique blend of drawings and oil paintings!  Described as “creatures that seem equally at home in an earthy micro-environment or in a playful alien wonderland somewhere in the vast cosmos.”  To see what they mean, come take a look!

These are just a few of the art exhibits happening next week for the First Friday Art Walk!  For more information visit  or email us with any questions!  

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Kyle Poissonnier

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First Friday Art Walk – January 3, 2014 – Samuel Adams Rebel IPA Launch at Brian Boru


Kickoff the New Year and the First Friday Art Walk of 2014 at Brian Boru (57 Center Street, Portland) with Boston Beer Company / Samuel Adams, as they kickoff the newest brew, Rebel IPA a west-coast style IPA, there will be live music starting at 6pm, followed by Royal Hammer Reggae band at 9:30. WBLM 102.9FM will be broadcasting live and the Samuel Adams brewery reps will be giving away great prizes.

Local Artist, Ryan Adams, will be creating a mural live as part of First Friday Art Walk in downtown Portland



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The Color Run 2013 – South Portland Maine – July 7

international-logoThis Sunday, July 7, The Color Run South Portland Maine will take to the streets of South Portland around Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) and Spring Point for a charity 5k to benefit the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. In case you haven’t seen or heard of a Color Run, there are “staff” spread along the route who spray runners with multi-colored nontoxic paints keeping the excitement level and energy high throughout the course. Here is a video of past color runs, so you get the idea… The Color Run Video

While registration for the Happiest 5K on the Planet is sold out, you should certainly go check out what all the excitement is about and cheer on the participants. For more information, please visit us at


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14th Annual Fall in the Village Art & Music Festival

Although apple season is upon us a little early this year,  let’s not jump into the typical fall season activities just yet.   Why not enjoy this beautiful weekend in Freeport, outside, in Discovery Park on the L.L. Bean campus.  Enjoy over 50 booths of talented artists, listen to live music, eat food and maybe squeeze in some shopping.  Plenty of fun  for kids too!  Free admission and parking!  Festivities begin at noon on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday.

Click here for the brochure:

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