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I think it’s important around the holiday season to make my first story here at ILPM about someone who embodies the spirit of being selfless.  “Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours” said Les Brown.  I don’t think there is a better way to describe Jason Bosch: Videographer based out of Portland, Maine.  If the name doesn’t ring a bell the following will. Musical acts like Spose, The Mallett Brothers Band, Rustic Overtones, The Other Bones and Whitcomb.  Nationally known powerhouse companies like Keurig, Boston Market, and Mazda.  Local businesses in Maine like Baxter Brewing and Old Port Wine and Cigar to name a few.  Immediately you get an idea of how versatile this man is.

Jason Bosch of Red Stallion Media.

Jason Bosch of Red Stallion Media.


I first met Jason in 2011 about a project for my first company, and what I got in return was people looking at me in a whole different way because the quality of work and eye that the man has is almost unmatched.  What people failed to realize is that any project I ever brought to Jason he was able to make come to life, and actually exceeded my expectations.  Known for his giant red beard and soft spoken manor it would be hard to find anyone, anywhere who wouldn’t tell you what an amazing experience they had with this man.  He isn’t loud about his achievements, and most of the time all he wants is credit on the about section.  In the current society we live in where people want their named plastered everywhere, and get off more on the celebrity than the accomplishment, Jason is a rare breed that needs to never be taken for granted.  He needs to be held in high regard as one of the most talented artists to ever come out Maine.

Jason filming recently.

Jason filming recently.


I sat down with Jason this week and got to dig deeper into what he enjoys most about his job.

-How did you get into videography/what you do now?  Any inspirations?
I kind of always liked creating stuff, whether it was drawing, taking images or folding paper into magical fortune telling origami, but I never used a video camera until high school.  I used to skateboard a lot and one of the things to do as a skater is to make skate videos.  So, friends and I would skate all day long trying to land specific tricks and video tape it.  We would all take turns shooting each other so everyone could skate, but I slowly became okay with just holding the camera. That led to me taking video production classes in my last two years in high school and the hobby just stuck.  A lot of my inspiration basically comes from the internet. I get on and find all these tutorials, free classes, artwork, amazing video projects, etc. It’s just this dumping ground of information and inspiration.

-Where are you originally from, how did you end up in Portland?

I was born in upstate New York and moved to North Carolina when I was about 8 or 9.  Until my sophomore year in high school, I moved back and forth between to the two states until I eventually moved to Presque Isle, Maine where I learned that people can get paid to pick rocks out of a field during harvest season.

After I graduated high school, I moved to North Carolina for a year where I shot small videos with my roommate and learned how to live off of $5.00 an hour.  I eventually moved to Portland to be with my girlfriend (now wife) who was studying at USM to become an RN.


-Many people may not be aware that you have worked with many local companies as well as national companies, can you name some of your favorite local commercials, and national ones?

This one is hard. I might have to say the first Baxter Brewing video we did was my favorite local commercial.  It was the first video we did as our production company and we were given a bunch on freedom on it.  The video turned out great and the partnership with Baxter turned into a great friendship.

As for national business, there are a couple. During my time as an editor at a local company, I got to edit this project for Mazda that profiled this guy driving around Canada on one tank of gas. The video itself was okay, but I loved working on it because the guy driving was pretty weird and loved to make up songs, so I did everything in my power to get those songs in the video as many times as I could.  I also got to work on a job where I traveled for 5 days in Florida with Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach and One Tree Hill and James Lafferty. It was an awesome experience to travel with those guys and it created some of the funniest behind the scenes stories.

Recently shooting in Brunswick, ME.

Recently shooting in Brunswick, ME.


 -How did yo get into Music videos, as it seems to be something you became known for because they were just SO good.  You have worked with Spose, Mallett Brothers, Rustic Overtones, Other Bones, Whitcomb, Cam Groves, to name a few… overall how many views do you have on your videos on Youtube?  Over 1,000,000 right?

Yeah, I’m sure the total is somewhere around a million or so. It seems like it’s cool to have that many combined views, but then you see a video of a cat throwing up with 35 million views and it puts you in your place.

I have no idea how I got into music videos. It kind of started because I was taking photos for local rappers and, at the time, I didn’t shoot much video. I was working as a director at a TV station, so I decided to spend more time taking photographs. One day, I told one of the guys I was photographing to let me shoot a video with him just performing one of his tracks and that snowballed into more and more people contacting me about shooting. That renewed my interest in video.


-Being diverse is something that makes you very special, you have done commercials for powerhouses like Keurig and Boston Market, then worked your way to real estate, and then can go into a direction of a hip hop video for rap star Spose.  Was this all part of a plan or do you like to just be challenged and tackle them as they come?

I don’t plan that type of stuff too much. I’m just happy when I’m shooting and when I’m being creative, so I try to get out there and do as much as I can. Also, shooting all these types of videos gives me a chance to try something new or bring style I’ve picked up on music videos and try to make it work on a commercial for a local business. At the end of the day, I just want to make cool stuff and I don’t think it matters what I’m shooting as long as I’m making something everyone can be happy with and proud to show.


-What is Red Stallion media who is involved?

Red Stallion Media is the production company I co-founded with my friend, Topher Dubay.  We do video production and creative services ranging from nationwide commercials to local music videos.


-Plans for the future?

I’m really trying to take some time and work on my beanie baby collection, but besides that I just want to continue shooting and hopefully along the way can grow Red Stallion Media. We already have a team of amazing and talented people, like Michael Gagne and Ryan Jarochym, but I’d like that roster to get to the point where we can multitask many productions at once. Of course, that all depends on me not being a control freak.


Jason’s Work Red Stallion Demo Reel

To Contact Jason about a shoot:

Twitter- @jasonmbosch/ @_Red_Stallion_


A rare talent.  Jason Bosch, a man truly who helps you achieve your dreams while he is achieving his.  The value of a man is what he can do for others, not for himself.  Jason Bosch, is the best in the business my friends.  He calls our very own Portland, Maine home.  

Enjoy your family and friends this holiday season guys, and be safe!


Kyle Poissonnier

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