PortlandTaps.com once again will host their Third Thursday at Brian Boru on August 19, as Summer squares off against Autumn this month with Shipyard Brewing Co. on hand to offer their brews for $3 a pint from 8pm until midnight. That’s right, Shipyard Summer Ale is still available for those who cannot let go of our mild weather, while Shipyard Pumpkinhead has been released for those crazy few who are welcoming that crisp autumn air, or just want further excuse to have another seasonal brew to choose from.

Should be a great night out…A Reggae band will be there as well to entertain with live music.

Can you let go of summer? Something tells me the site of Shipyard Pumpkinhead on store shelves and bar taps means a cold front is soon on the way. Can Shipyard hold off production and shipment until say October next year, please?

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